Jun. 28th, 2010

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Oh man, it is hot. It is really, really hot here right now. In fact, I just got an email from the landlord at work informing everyone of an "extreme heat warning" for today. Of course, I'm not at work right now (thank goodness) but yeah. Hot!

One of the issues with my house is this: in the living room there is a single giant casement window. No other windows in the room, no good place to put one of those air conditioners that stick right out of the wall. There's a dining room with normal sash windows that attaches to the living room but putting an AC in there does nothing, absolutely nothing to cool down the living room. And of course, this is where we spend 98% of our time.

I can't even really OPEN the casement windows and put a fan in, because the frame was never fully finished off so there's no screen and we'll just get eaten alive by bugs.

So Dad and I are planning a major operation - remove the entire casement window, build a frame with three openings that will fit into the hole, and install three normal sash-type windows into that frame. Of course, we have to do all this in one day, pretty much, otherwise there will just be a giant hole in the side of the house and we'll get eaten by raccoons in our sleep or something equally horrifying.

I was hoping to get it done today but Dad says there's a chance of rain and it's probably not the best idea. :/. IT'S SO HOT.

In other news, consumed with jealousy over Pine's bike, I went to a used bike store yesterday and put a hold on one. I'll probably pick it up on Tuesday (they aren't open today otherwise I'd be there right now, probably). I kind of wish I'd just taken it but oh well. It's a ten speed Raleigh from I don't know what year. Seems pretty nice, I hope I don't break all my limbs with it.


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