Jul. 7th, 2010

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So, lots of work yesterday! Oh my God, what a day. Dad came over at 6:45 to start removing the old window. We had to scrape away the decades old paint from 32 old screws and get them out and pry off the old hardware and we didn't break a single window section which, wow. Then pull off the old framing, build a new frame from scratch because the new window was slightly smaller than the old (it would have been a pure miracle if I had found one the same size, really) then cut sections of plywood to nail onto the outside of the house to fill in the holes. It was extremely arduous and it was about 100 degrees yesterday, so, ouch.

But, after all that my brother came over and we lifted the window up and it just *pop* went right in! It was fucking amazing. We nailed it all in good and tight and that was it, no fiddling around making it level or anything. Unbelievable. This is easily the best thing we've done on the house, the thing with the least hilarious/sad missteps.

Also the air conditioner I had in the basement fit EXACTLY in the window. Like they were made for each other! So happy.

I also did laundry. :)
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You know, today was kinda crummy. Not all bad, there were some really good things, like for instance I CHATTED WITH CAKEY* and Sarah and I just stole two sweet armchairs that someone down the street was throwing out, but mostly? Crummy. And then it all culminated in me dragging my exhausted, sweaty self upstairs to go to bed and trying to go to the bathroom only to find a BIG SPIDER right on the wall next to the toilet.

So I smushed him with some toilet paper and threw him in the toilet.

And then I peed on him. >:O

*it's like riding a bicycle, yo.


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