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So, in case any one was wondering what the proper procedure is for when you've locked yourself out of the building at work while your car is in the parking garage and it's late on a Saturday night so no one else is around, here you go:

Step 1: run around the building saying "fuck" approximately every other footstep
Step 2: try all the doors even though you know damn well they lock automatically. Maybe they forgot this time?
Step 3: run around the building again in the opposite direction, as in step one but change it up and say "shit" this time.
Step 4: notice that there's one other car in the parking lot and a light on somewhere on the second floor, throw pebbles at the window hoping they will hear you, investigate, understand your miming "I'M LOCKED OUT HELP" and not think that you're a crazy person/armed robber or anything.
Step 5: curse the stupid apparently deaf people working on the second floor.
Step 6: try all the doors again, only pull REAL HARD this time because what if they're not locked, what if they're just, like...stuck?
Step 7: Stare really hard the the iron grates of the parking garage. Wish you had thinner arms.
Step 8: Attempt to pry open the garage door grate thing, with vivid images of yourself half way through when it falls on you and kills you or (worse) pins you to the ground for hours until one of the stupid (apparently deaf) people from the second floor find you.

So yeah. That was my Saturday night. Luckily it turns out that if you pry the garage door style grate thing open about a foot, it will simply give up and start moving by itself. Good design!


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