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Oh my gosh, what a week I've had.

Sunday after my piano lesson I drove up to Rhode Island* to meet up with some relatives I haven't seen in several years. Well, one relative. She's my dad's cousin and she lives in Arizona so obviously we don't see each other too often. She specifically really wanted me there because she just bought a piano and wanted to talk about it and so on. It was fun (and interesting, she's into family ancestry and the like, so I got to look at my family tree back to the 1700s), but it was also exhausting.

Monday is usually my day off but I had to go to work to get ready for inspection (AGAIN). We JUST had inspection, but in the last few months or so they've split federal and state inspection into two separate things. Of course, if they do the second one within six months it's a much easier process for US, but they won't do that because they get less money if they do it that way (assholes).

Tuesday was the actual inspection, and holy SHIT you guys. There was one thing, one major thing that became a problem. My boss hasn't been signing off on quality control slides. Between you and me she doesn't even look at them 99% of the time, but the important thing is there's no piece of paper anywhere saying "I looked at these and they were acceptable". Something that should be documented EVERY DAY. And when the inspector discovered this and brought it up, my boss FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT. She took it to mean this lady was saying "you don't look at the slides" not "you haven't documented that you look at the slides" and they basically got into a huge argument. I mean, voices were raised. It was fucking insane, and embarrassing to watch, and stressful.

Wednesday I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I guess I didn't since I'm fine now, but that wasn't fun either.

Thursday was super busy at work plus I had to go put some new strings on a piano I tuned a while back and then fix some notes that went funny after I tuned it and holy crap it took forfucking ever and was really hard and awful. Plus another string broke while I was tuning it up (not my fault but annoying as hell since I JUST replaced three goddamn strings). I don't think I've made a very good impression on that particular client at all.

Friday was super busy at work again.

Saturday was super busy at work also.

God I'm tired.

*Why do I always say "up to RI"? It's SOUTH of here. Yet I can't help myself.
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