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So I had yet another dentist appointment this year (my...sixth so far? Holy crap no wonder the insurance ran out). It was a (free) consult with the orthodontist. They made me wait over an hour for an appointment that lasted - not an exaggeration - less than ten mintues.

Annnd, she says first "you definitely need braces" and then "but the braces will probably pull out some of your teeth so that will mean you need implants afterwards".

Um, no thanks I think. Jeez. I'd rather have nothing done than pay for braces which last a year and a half and hurt a lot and lead to more implants than I already need. WTF. I'm already thinking I'll just cancel the follow up consult with the dentist and the ortho, I just can't see any reason for it. That's ridicuous.


Meanwhile today is stressful. A very key piece of lab equipment was acting up last week and the week before, although it was definitely USEABLE. So I called our maintenance guy to come look at it, which he did yesterday, and now it doesn't work at all. THANKS GUY. Good friggin' job, I am thrilled with your high quality service.

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Date: 2010-09-28 11:30 pm (UTC)
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Honestly, I think you should not worry about it. Unless the braces are to correct some painful misalignment, that is. Somewhat crooked teeth are way cuter than braces headaches and poverty and constantly having to pick food out of your metalwork. I mean, if your teeth bother you that much, go for it, but for me personally, it would take a hell of a lot to convince me to deal with braces. Besides, I think you're darling, and would be even if your teeth were all kinds of fucked up, so there. My opinion counts more than other people's. And if some douche wants to be all "haha crooked teeth" just tell them you're British.


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