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I messaged Sok last week when I heard about the earthquake in NZ - I know she's moved to London but you know...still. Anyway, she said she'd update on Monday if I did so here I am!

Lots of things have been going on but nothing too huge. My birthday is Wednesday and now I have to renew my license, ugh. I think MA has closed about 80% of the RMVs so now there's huge lines and wait times at all of them, it's a nightmare.

Pine and I joined a community chorus. It's been fun, I forgot that I enjoyed singing so much. I thought it would be good for networking too and last week they mentioned that the piano in the practice area really needs tuning so I volunteered to do it for free (I know the chorus can't afford to pay for that, I figured it would look good though. You never know who else might need a tuning).

It's snowed so much this year that the entire end of the street I live on is covered in a huge eight foot high pile of plowed snow. (I'm the last house on a dead end street which usually I LIKE since there's no traffic going by).

Been knitting a lot, I'm especially excited about making something for the current batch of Whorebabies. Also there's TWO people at work who are pregnant now (it's going around I guess) although I don't know if I'll make something for them. I only really like one of them. I've also finished one and a half sweaters, three stuffed toys, and half a pair of socks so far this year.

Work is ok but I still hate it. A few weeks ago our office manager came in and asked me for a copy of the lab practices manual which is this 100+ page book documenting a procedure for every single thing we do in the lab. I wrote it myself since the one we had when I started working there was a total disaster. I asked him what he wanted it for and he literally just acted like I hadn't spoken at all. He would not tell me. He took the whole thing and photocopied it for god knows what reason. I mean, what is that? I'm fucking chopped liver at this job, it drives me nuts.

On Friday I got a phone message from someone at the bank that holds my mortgage saying he wanted to chat with me about "some changes to your loan" which gave me several hours of minor panic attacks. I mean, what are the odds that the changes are gonna make it less expensive, right? Then on Saturday I got a letter in a FEDEX envelope for some reason and it turns out the whole thing is an offer to refinance. Come ON, couldn't you just say that on the phone? Sheesh, I almost had a damn heart attack.

So yeah, that's my life right now. How are you all?


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