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I went straight from "nothing much is happening for me to post about to "way too much crap is happening I have no time to post".

About a month ago it got way busier at work. I immediately got pretty depressed because I hate being busy all the time at work. Of course we can hire more people (we did actually, he starts next week) but I don't really want to work for a big huge lab even if we have plenty of people, really. Actually I don't want to work for a lab at all but yeah.

Then last week Dr Li came in super early (11 am is super early for her) and called a lab meeting and announced that she's sold the company. Actually, what she said was that she was merging us with another small lab in the area which was a total lie. I swear the woman is a pathological liar, the company that bought us is based in Florida and they are huge (they own labs in 15 states for God's sake). The other lab in the area is a lab that they also own. Obviously this was a huge bombshell to drop on us and I'm still kinda processing the whole thing. Some of it is good maybe - I got a bigish bonus check (a month's pay) and some very nice compliments (I actually overheard her telling someone from the new company that hiring me was the best decision she ever made, so that was nice). On the other hand I just went from working for a company with ten employees to working for a very large corporation and...eh. I just don't like big huge companies, my feeling is that the bigger they get the worse they get in general and the more impossible it becomes for them to treat their employees (not to mention customers) right.

So there's that.

And this past week I was down two part time employees and because we're already understaffed this was...very bad. I had to fill in for both of them essentially. And of course one works very early mornings and the other works the two busiest nights of the week. I have basically done nothing but work and sit on the couch like a zombie for over a week now.

In other news, my dog ate half a bag of wasabi almonds and to quote someone else on the internet who had the same problem "now my back yard is covered in almonds".


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