Jan. 5th, 2005

wereleggo: (Octoberfest)
Is this really happening? Seems like every time I've had the energy and will to update in the last week, LJ goes down on me mere seconds before I hit 'post'. Maybe this is a dream.

Still holed up studying my ass off. So far I've taken four of the diagnostic tests in my test prep book - four different topics, which combined account for about 40% of the test questions - and got mid to high 80s on three of them. I don't know how poorly I did on the fourth, because I was scared to check the actual numbers. However, virtually all of those wrong answers were due to two topics: molar and normal solutions, and (of all things!) conversion of metric units. Seriously, I should be ashamed of myself for forgetting my metric conversions, but in my defense, we rarely convert in the lab. We always use mL, never liters, never microliters. Whatever, I'll brush up on it.

Tomorrow I start on the monster topic, staining. Put together, it's about six chapters of my book, and accounts for half the test questions. I have no idea how weak I am on it overall, because that portion of the test booklet is five hundred fucking questions, and I don't have the stamina to get through and correct the whole thing. Bleh.

Wow, I'm boring. I hope everyone is well and happy or as close to it as possible. Miss you guys.

Now I'm sleepy. Mmmm, sleepy.


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