Sep. 5th, 2005

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Mmmm, Labor day. I woke up at the shockingly late hour of EIGHT AM! My god, what a slugabed I am. (My mom used to call me that, "slugabed". Did she make that up, or what? She always said the weirdest things, like calling me "Skeezix", that I thought were made up but turned out to be obscure pop culture references from the 40s. Anyhoo.)

Now I'm eating breakfast and drinking coffee and watching BABYDADDIES ON MAURY and reading this... because I have pretty much decided that I'm going to visit Australia (!) as soon as I have saved up the money and the vacation time from work (so, on or about the 12th of never, I would guess). It's a good book, and if you read it, you'll want to go to Australia too, so be warned. And I'm telling you right now, at some point in this very journal will be an enormous-fonted wail about the biggest spider I've ever seen for reals this time and how I am scarred for life, FOR LIFE I TELL YOU, but I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it.

Additionally, I seem to be planning a visit to England during the third week of October (once I figured out what the third week of October was, which took a bit longer than you might think, especially considering that I have a college education). Quite the world-traveler, aren't I? Maybe I'm not a slugabed after all! No, I am. *lies down*

NOT REALLY AN EDIT: "Back for the sixth time! Is a cabbie the dad?!" hahahahahahahaha. That's one way of getting out of paying exorbitant cab fares, I guess...
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This is not the longest lasting panic attack I have ever had. Not yet, anyway. If it lasts through the night and into tomorrow afternoon, yeah. And it will almost certainly not do that, and I probably shouldn't even be complaining at all, considering that my entire home and family weren't washed out to sea by a hurricaine or anything. Still, I don't like it.

Note to self: um, get on that "new doctor, re-filled perscription" thing, huh? Now would be fine. Or, you know, tomorrow.

I'm watching some sort of japanese kid's cartoon about...pirates. It's about as insane as you would expect.


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