Jun. 9th, 2010

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Our office manager, Jeff, had some salesman type guy in this morning who set up one of those coffee makers where the coffee is in a little premeasured cup and you just sort of pop it in and one cup's worth comes out, you know those? I imagine it's a bit of a waste of money, buying a little cup thing for every single time you want a cup of coffee but it's sort of neat. Anyway, I guess he left the coffee maker as like a free trial or whatever and he also brought in an entire cookie sheet covered in bagels and a few things of cream cheese. Trying to sell us the coffee maker, I guess. Then my boss came in later and saw all the food and the new coffee maker and got pissed. "WHO BOUGHT ALL THIS?!" as if Jeff had used the petty cash to buy a new coffee maker WITHOUT ASKING HER PERMISSION. And also BAGELS! SUCH LUXURY! Then she instantly said we a. didn't need a new coffee maker and b. if we did she could bring in an old one from her house that she doesn't use.

Is there a saying or something about the rich being the cheapest people around? Because she really, really is. She currently has a plan for me to store our old tissue blocks and slides in her basement because she doesn't want to pay for off-site storage (and also didn't want to pay for a lab with enough storage in the first place, I guess). Cheap, cheap bastard of a woman.

I'm very angry at her right now for reasons far too boring and insular to the pathology community to go into right now. It's nothing new anyway, she's just annoying and awful and this job is so not how I want to be spending my life. Does anyone know how to get listed in the business listings of the yellow pages? Do you just call and ask them to put you in or what? I'm not talking about buying adspace or anything, just a regular listing.

Just finished reading a Kate Atkinson book - it's called One Good Turn and it's a sort of sequal (not really, but it has some of the same characters) to Case Histories which I sat up in bed and read all in one night back when I was having that toothache issue in January. It was really good, I reccomend both these books. Reading them is a little like untangling a ball of yarn if that makes any sense. Except I hate untangling yarn.


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