Feb. 17th, 2005

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Another day, another )@!(*#)!*ing pot hole. Why are my tires made of tissue paper? What did I do to pot holes? Why, God?

LJ only goes into read-only mode when I want to comment. I'm reading, I just can't comment, guys. I'm sorry.
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I've no doubt everyone remembers Cuntmonkey the Younger's fiance, Kenny. It's hard to forget a string of adjectives like "elderly, diabetic, gambling addicted, alcoholic, not sure if he's been married legally or not, dead-beat dad, toothless, occasionally impotant, perpetually jobless".

Of course you remember. Anyway, they got engaged kind of a long time ago. Before Christmas, definitely. They are so very engaged that they've chosen a date, booked a church, and booked a reception hall. So I'm confused about what happened on Valentine's day. According to Cuntmonkey the Younger, he got down on one knee and proposed and everything.

Huh? He already proposed, moron. That's why you're all engaged and everything and planning the wedding and that's why you came to work the next day and told everyone "I GOT ENGAGED".

Nevertheless, they seem to have gotten engaged again on Valentine's day, only this time with more damage to his elderly knees. She didn't even get a damn ring, people. It came into the store yesterday. So he got down on one (old) knee and proposed to someone he was already engaged to with no ring. HOW ROMANTIC. I remain confused as to what the big event was that inspired her to come into work for the second time yelling "I GOT ENGAGED" or to call the disco radio station and tell them "I GOT ENGAGED!". Oy.

Additionally, he has told her that he plans to be 'drunk and high' at the wedding ceremony. There is no indication whatsoever that he was joking in any way.

In the course of the conversation that followed, she justified his (ten a.m. on a weekday) drinking with "at least he doesn't hit me or nothing". It's ironic that I found that so horrifying, given that if I were ever drunk in her presence, I would totally hit her.

In related news: I have a job interview on Monday. Does anyone reading this know where I see myself in five years?
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I'm looking at possibly the last week of May, the 6-10th of June, the 13-17 of June, or the 20-24th of June. What say you?


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