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Well, I done got the cavities on one side of my mouth filled in. It really wasn't that bad at all, after they gave me the shot I couldn't feel one goddamn thing. I swear it used to be much worse than that, maybe I was just more sensitive as a kid/teen. Nowadays they use this stuff that matches your tooth color instead of the metal junk, so that's interesting.

My dentist was very nice. About five minutes into the drilling the drill machine thingie broke and we had to move rooms, that was amusing. I must have the same effect on tooth drills as I do on cell phones and computers.
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Man, if there were some kind of futuristic technology that would allow me to transmit some of my tiredness to another person (one who, presumeably has the time to lie down RIGHT NOW and for several hours) I would pay so much money for that.

I have not been sleeping well! And yet, instead of taking a nap I'm about to go to the dentist. That is the exact fucking opposite of taking a nap, people!
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Holy shmoly. It just went from sunny and hot to POURING rain in about ten seconds flat. I knew it was going to rain today but...wow.

It's been so steamy and humid and gross this week that I kinda want to run around outside in the rain nude or something.

Of course, given that a. I'm at work right now and b. my office building is next-door to the state police station...yeah, probably not a good idea. And for some other reasons too, I suppose.

I guess we'll find out how good of a job we did on that window then!

EDIT: Man, it's raining so hard it BLOTTED OUT THE SUN. It's dark out right now!
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Having some money troubles this week. My bank really fucking sucks, I'm definitely going to switch to a credit union. I actually already have a credit union account, from waaaay back when I worked at the YMCA (it's a "municipal employee" credit union) and I honestly have NO IDEA why I haven't switched before. Well, for a while I had some money in there that came from my Granddads life insurance policy (which no one knew existed until ohhh, twenty years after he died) and I didn't want to sort of add that money into my regular money, if that makes any sense at all (it does in my fevered brain).

Anyway, then yesterday I got the first nibble of interest on my old piano EVER and then five minutes ago I got an email with a potential tuning job. Funny how this stuff works out, eh?

I shouldn't say that, I haven't actually gotten any money from either of those things yet!

I am so wiped out by this week.
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You know, today was kinda crummy. Not all bad, there were some really good things, like for instance I CHATTED WITH CAKEY* and Sarah and I just stole two sweet armchairs that someone down the street was throwing out, but mostly? Crummy. And then it all culminated in me dragging my exhausted, sweaty self upstairs to go to bed and trying to go to the bathroom only to find a BIG SPIDER right on the wall next to the toilet.

So I smushed him with some toilet paper and threw him in the toilet.

And then I peed on him. >:O

*it's like riding a bicycle, yo.
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So, lots of work yesterday! Oh my God, what a day. Dad came over at 6:45 to start removing the old window. We had to scrape away the decades old paint from 32 old screws and get them out and pry off the old hardware and we didn't break a single window section which, wow. Then pull off the old framing, build a new frame from scratch because the new window was slightly smaller than the old (it would have been a pure miracle if I had found one the same size, really) then cut sections of plywood to nail onto the outside of the house to fill in the holes. It was extremely arduous and it was about 100 degrees yesterday, so, ouch.

But, after all that my brother came over and we lifted the window up and it just *pop* went right in! It was fucking amazing. We nailed it all in good and tight and that was it, no fiddling around making it level or anything. Unbelievable. This is easily the best thing we've done on the house, the thing with the least hilarious/sad missteps.

Also the air conditioner I had in the basement fit EXACTLY in the window. Like they were made for each other! So happy.

I also did laundry. :)
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If any of all y'all have gmail I'm on there chatting right now and stuff, I'm just puttin' it out there!

Also I have had a few.
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Well, the good news is that the bad smell in my car didn't come from my gym clothes. I'm not claiming I don't stink pretty bad when I work out but at least it's not THAT bad.

The bad news is that now I really don't know what is causing my car to smell like that. :( I'm going to name the car RPatzz I think, it smells like he looks like he smells.

Oh, we saw Eclipse tonight. Everyone in it is kinda fugly and looks sort of disgusted all the time. It's like they can smell the script.
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My car smells like a skunk took a dirty gym sock, wiped its ass with it, tied it around its head, crawled into the tail-pipe, and died. And then threw up, somehow.

I was going to post this earlier with a whole thing about how I have NO IDEA where this smell might be coming from because I'm quite certain I haven't left any half eaten fast food meals under the passenger seat for six months (I would never do such a thing!) but then I noticed there's a bag in the backseat with a shirt I wore to the gym in it.

Ewwww, man. So I left the windows open. This, of course, means that tomorrow the car will be infested with four hundred and sixty two different varieties of nasty bugs (a hundred and thirty seven of which will be spiders, mark my words) and I'll probably get into a horrific car accident trying to swat one with a rolled up Mozart score on the way to my piano lesson.
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Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair


The Greek's Pregnant Lover

WHICH Greek?

Mia and the Powerful Greek

I'm sensing a theme here.

Falling for His Proper Mistress

What the...oh, I was reading it as from a female perspective, ie a woman falling for her husband's mistress. It almost sounded interesting for a second!

Winning It All

"it all" naturally means a rich (probably Greek) husband and a baby. At least I assume, it could be one of the Nascar tie-in romances.

The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress

Err, can you be both of those?

The Billionaire's Baby Arrangement

I'll put THIS baby over here and THIS baby in the corner...Perfect!

Honor-Bound Groom

Oh thank goodness! If he wasn't all tied up in honor god only knows what he'd get up to.

An Heir for the Millionaire

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't think babies or pregnancy are romantic at all?

To Love, Honor and Disobey


I swear they must just have a title generator somewhere. It spits out four words (one of which has to be a nationality OR something implying lots of money) and you write a book based on it and then cry yourself to sleep.
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Dentist appointment today. My first regular appointment in quite sometime (I had a tooth out in January as an emergency kind of thing).

I've always had kind of crummy teeth. I don't know if there's a name for this or how common it is, but both my brother and I have this thing where we didn't get all our adult teeth as kids. So if you don't have adult teeth in there to push the baby teeth out you're just sort of stuck with baby teeth. I have some adult teeth and some baby teeth, can't honestly remember how many of each at this point. When I was a pre-teen I had this thing called "bonding" done to two of my teeth, it's like they put some stuff over it to make the tooth a little bigger. It didn't really make much of a difference, frankly.

Anyway, I've now had decades of anxiety and fear and loathing of my own teeth combined with quite a few years of no dental insurance with predictable results. UGH, just writing this is making me tear up again. You know how much it sucks to be afraid to smile?

Apparently I might end up with a combination of braces (!!!) and some crowns or implants or a bridge or something. I'm having a lot of pretty intense emotions about this right now.

Geez, I hope I can afford it.
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Oh man, it is hot. It is really, really hot here right now. In fact, I just got an email from the landlord at work informing everyone of an "extreme heat warning" for today. Of course, I'm not at work right now (thank goodness) but yeah. Hot!

One of the issues with my house is this: in the living room there is a single giant casement window. No other windows in the room, no good place to put one of those air conditioners that stick right out of the wall. There's a dining room with normal sash windows that attaches to the living room but putting an AC in there does nothing, absolutely nothing to cool down the living room. And of course, this is where we spend 98% of our time.

I can't even really OPEN the casement windows and put a fan in, because the frame was never fully finished off so there's no screen and we'll just get eaten alive by bugs.

So Dad and I are planning a major operation - remove the entire casement window, build a frame with three openings that will fit into the hole, and install three normal sash-type windows into that frame. Of course, we have to do all this in one day, pretty much, otherwise there will just be a giant hole in the side of the house and we'll get eaten by raccoons in our sleep or something equally horrifying.

I was hoping to get it done today but Dad says there's a chance of rain and it's probably not the best idea. :/. IT'S SO HOT.

In other news, consumed with jealousy over Pine's bike, I went to a used bike store yesterday and put a hold on one. I'll probably pick it up on Tuesday (they aren't open today otherwise I'd be there right now, probably). I kind of wish I'd just taken it but oh well. It's a ten speed Raleigh from I don't know what year. Seems pretty nice, I hope I don't break all my limbs with it.
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So yesterday I woke up already tired. Not sure how that works but there you go. I spent all day at work feeling like I was ten seconds from falling asleep on my desk. Then went home and went to the gym (that was smart right).

So I'm lying in bed last night trying to sleep while reading an ebook on my laptop and a teeny tiny spider runs across the laptop screen. I spaz out and slap at it but of course I don't kill it. Then it comes back and this time I do kill it. Two minutes later another one runs by and I spaz out again. Then that one comes back and I smush it. Then I sturn the light on and catch another one on the sheets.

L:SDKFJL:SDJf l;akjdl;akjsdf ;oaierfljkasdf.mj.

I was so fucking tired I didn't even get up and go sleep on the couch or anything. I must have killed at least six, god only knows how many more there were. How many more there are right now! WAITING.

So yeah, after being tired all day yesterday I got what, maybe three hours of sleep and probably ate ten baby spiders. Helpppppppp.
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Finally decided to clean out my closet this morning. I have one of those closets where you open the door with one arm up over your head in case fifty pounds of stuff falls right on your face. I seem to have a serious problem with throwing out old clothes. I'm not even talking about "oh no this doesn't fit cause I'm all fat now I'll just hold onto it and someday I will wear it again!"

No, I'm talking about jeans with huge holes in the crotch. Not even useful for the salvation army, I'm pretty sure.

So my closet is stuffed to the point where it's dangerous to open yet I have about four outfits to actually wear. Sigh.

Anyway, I made a good start. I also cleaned the kitchen, swept in the living room and hall (giant ball of dog fur) and neatened up the Pile of Every Piece of Mail We've Gotten in Three Months. And I went to the gym. And Dad came over and we worked on putting up crown molding in the kitchen.

Phew! I'll sleep well tonight. I hope.
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Hah. So I guess I annoyed my boss a bit last night - I was trying to explain something to her and she was (typically) just not listening to me so I tried explaining it again slightly louder and more forcefully (I swear, I did not yell. I really don't yell at people ever).

Anyway, it didn't seem like that big of a deal to me but today she wanted to talk about it and told me that my coworkers sometimes think that I am "moody" and "difficult to get along with" and "hard" (whatever the fuck that means).

I know her well enough to know that my coworkers said no such fucking thing. This is how she does things, and she's done it before. If she has a problem she blames it on someone else to avoid being the "bad guy". I bet when she fired my old lab assistant she told him that she didn't really want to but I made her, or something.
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Our office manager, Jeff, had some salesman type guy in this morning who set up one of those coffee makers where the coffee is in a little premeasured cup and you just sort of pop it in and one cup's worth comes out, you know those? I imagine it's a bit of a waste of money, buying a little cup thing for every single time you want a cup of coffee but it's sort of neat. Anyway, I guess he left the coffee maker as like a free trial or whatever and he also brought in an entire cookie sheet covered in bagels and a few things of cream cheese. Trying to sell us the coffee maker, I guess. Then my boss came in later and saw all the food and the new coffee maker and got pissed. "WHO BOUGHT ALL THIS?!" as if Jeff had used the petty cash to buy a new coffee maker WITHOUT ASKING HER PERMISSION. And also BAGELS! SUCH LUXURY! Then she instantly said we a. didn't need a new coffee maker and b. if we did she could bring in an old one from her house that she doesn't use.

Is there a saying or something about the rich being the cheapest people around? Because she really, really is. She currently has a plan for me to store our old tissue blocks and slides in her basement because she doesn't want to pay for off-site storage (and also didn't want to pay for a lab with enough storage in the first place, I guess). Cheap, cheap bastard of a woman.

I'm very angry at her right now for reasons far too boring and insular to the pathology community to go into right now. It's nothing new anyway, she's just annoying and awful and this job is so not how I want to be spending my life. Does anyone know how to get listed in the business listings of the yellow pages? Do you just call and ask them to put you in or what? I'm not talking about buying adspace or anything, just a regular listing.

Just finished reading a Kate Atkinson book - it's called One Good Turn and it's a sort of sequal (not really, but it has some of the same characters) to Case Histories which I sat up in bed and read all in one night back when I was having that toothache issue in January. It was really good, I reccomend both these books. Reading them is a little like untangling a ball of yarn if that makes any sense. Except I hate untangling yarn.
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Slot machines are spectacularly confusing. I was surprised by this, although I have never been in a casino I have seem slot machines in action in movies thousands of times. I really thought it was as simple as "put in money pull lever". It is NOT that simple. For one thing they all insist on at least five bucks being put in even though they say "25 cents" right on the machine. There's "credits" and "multi lines bets". You put money in and then you have to push like seventy five buttons just to make the thing go and then it's all over in 0.6 seconds. How the hell do all of these - I'm not trying to be mean here, but come on - most of the people there do not appear to have a lot of money. So how do they play slots for any length of time when it costs $5 every 0.6 seconds? Good lord.

Anyway I lost a grand total of $4.50.

Also Conan was amazingly funny. I was actually crying from laughter at several points. Totally worth the money and the two hour drive, I would go again in a heartbeat. I hope he does more tours some day, even though he's going back to TV.
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Wow I have not posted in...forever, it would seem. Oops?

Let's see:

1. Been trying to lose weight since my birthday. Like for real this time! And I've lost 25 lbs now. A whole lot to go but yeah, good start I think. Currently I am doing a lot of cardio stuff, including the Couch to 5K program which is pretty cool, and sometimes power yoga. Eventually I really need to start lifting weights though.

2. Work is the same (it sucks).

3. I haven't had a computer for the past week and also for a week before that. The old one broke, I took it in to be fixed and it took almost a whole week to do it, then it broke again 24 hours after I brought it home. So, I bought two netbooks which finally, FINALLY, arrived today. OMG SO TINY AND CUTE.

4. The past two days I have been running a mysterious fever. No other symptoms which seems odd to me, doesn't it? Anyway I took ibuprofen and rested and I mostly feel better today. I get sort of dizzy if I stand up too quick.

5. My niece is graduating from High School tomorrow. I feel old now.

6. Going to see Conan OBrien on Sunday! At a casino! I've never been to a casino! Or to see Conan OBrien!
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The Dog: There's something under the couch that I want! I want it real bad! I WANT IT.
Me: That's nice, what do you want me to do about it?
The Dog: I don't fit under the couch! I have stubby legs! I WANT IT GET IT FOR ME I WANT IT.
Me: Ok, I'll get your toy. *looks under the couch*
Me: There's nothing under there except dust and a tiny piece of paper.
Me: I am not getting a piece of paper out from under the couch for you to eat.
The Dog: WAHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHH! *further attempts to shove self under the couch* *attempts to move the entire couch* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! WANT IT WANT IT
Me: *gets the paper and throws it away* There. Now it's gone.
The Dog: WAAAAAAAAAAAH! *still trying to get under the couch* WAAAAAAAAAAAH.
Me: Oh my god you giant retard.
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Right so. On Saturday I had a little issue because Jeff told me to do two different things that were contradictory. So I sent him this email saying "OK, I went with what was in the written note and not what you told me, IF YOU GET THIS BEFORE SUNDAY and it's wrong let me know and I will fix it if not oh well". That's pretty simple to understand, right?

So Sunday afternoon he emails me and says "Yes go with this thing". Like I hadn't done it already and gone home and everything.

You really have to wonder about people sometimes. I mean, I walk around in a complete fog half the time and I'm still about a thousand times more lucid than most people I meet.